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 Responsible Entity & Trustee Services

Aurora Funds is licenced to carry on a financial services business and to act as a wholesale Trustee or retail Responsible Entity (RE). This includes responsibility for compliance with the managed investment scheme constitution and compliance plans, and ongoing satisfaction of legislative and regulatory requirements.

Each scheme for which we act as RE/Trustee is governed by a constitution. A compliance plan must also be prepared for each registered scheme which describes the key processes, systems and structures that the RE will apply to ensure compliance with the Corporations Act, the schemes’ constitution and financial service laws. The plan is required to be audited annually and the audit report is lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

We are well-positioned to assist asset managers looking for a qualified and experienced Responsible Entity/Trustee for hire. Our services may include:

      • Scheme establishment and/or registration
      • Establishment of compliance plans
      • Compliance monitoring and support
      • Development & issue of offer documents
      • Oversight of investment decisions
      • Appointment and monitoring of external service providers
      • Back-office solutions, including: Scheme administration, Scheme accounting,Unit registry and Unit holder reporting

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