ABW General Meeting Request Update

Aurora Funds Management Limited (Aurora), in its capacity as the responsible entity of the Aurora Absolute Return Fund (ABW or Fund), refers to its announcements on this subject that it made on 7 and 8 January 2019. Further to its announcements on this subject, Aurora informs the market and investors that, as at the time of this announcement, it has received no response from Primary Securities Limited (Primary) concerning the issues raised in our earlier announcements.

Notwithstanding this lack of response and Aurora’s concerns as to its validity, Aurora understands from the communications between Primary and Aurora’s registrar, that Primary still intends to hold this meeting.

Aurora has written to Primary advising them of Aurora’s continued concerns and requesting that, if Primary proposes to rely on these purported resolutions to take any further steps, it should seek court orders establishing the validity of the purported meeting and resolutions before taking those steps and reminding Primary that Aurora will be a necessary party to any such proceedings.

Accordingly, Aurora maintains its previous advice that members should not attend or take any action in relation to the purported meeting and that Aurora does not recognise the validity of the purported meeting and considers that it is not bound by any purported resolution or other business that may be taken at that purported meeting.

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