Adjournment of HHY Fund Meeting

Aurora Funds Management Limited, as responsible entity of the HHY Fund, informs the market that at the meeting of unit holders held yesterday in Sydney, the independent chairman, David Walter, following conduct of polls on
both resolutions before the meeting, adjourned the meeting, with the meeting’s consent, to allow him to consider submissions on the validity of certain proxies and make rulings affecting those proxies.

The meeting was adjourned to 10:00am on Thursday, 8 December 2016 and the adjourned meeting will be held at the offices of Baker and McKenzie, Level 27, 50 Bridge Street Sydney.

At the adjourned meeting, Mr Walter will announce his rulings in relation to the validity of those proxy votes and declare the results of the polls, taking account of his rulings. In accordance with section 252U(2), the making of those rulings and the declaration of the results of the polls being the only business unfinished at yesterday’s meeting, no other business will be conducted at the adjourned meeting.

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