Aurora Funds Limited – New Listing on the ASX

We are pleased to advise that Aurora Funds Limited (AURORA) is seeking to facilitate the merging (and subsequent listing on the ASX) of Aurora Funds Management Limited (established in 2003), Sandringham Capital Pty Ltd (established in 2005) and Fortitude Capital Pty Ltd (established in 2004).

The primary activities of these businesses are asset management and responsible entity/trustee services on behalf of Australian and New Zealand investors. Collectively, these businesses manage approximately $570 million in domestic equity, international equity, property, infrastructure and alternative asset classes for over 3,500 investors.

A proportion of the Offer Shares have been set aside in order to provide Eligible Unit holders of a number of the investment schemes issued by AFM and Fortitude with some priority access to the Offer. Following the Exposure Period, the Eligible Unit holders will receive a copy of the Prospectus which will outline how they may participate in the Priority Offer.

Any Australian resident may request a copy of the Prospectus by contacting Aurora Funds Management Ltd.

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