Inside a Hot IPO

Two weeks ago the initial public offer (IPO) of Viva Energy (a portfolio of 425 Shell service stations) listed on the ASX. This was a very successful IPO, well managed by its investment bankers who structured the deal astutely to create demand from institutional investors and the stock gained +16% on its first day of trading. Indeed the success of this IPO has prompted Woolworths to look at spinning out their portfolio of service stations into a property trust with an expected valuation between $1.3 and $1.5 billion.

We are always very sceptical about new IPOs, however occasionally a great IPO comes along, either for a long term investment or one with a high probability of making a short term gain on its opening day. In this week’s piece we are going to look at the machinations of institutional investors during the roadshow and listing of a hot IPO and the game of Liar’s Poker that goes on between fund managers and the investment banks running the IPO process.

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