Purported General Meeting – Update

Aurora Funds Management Limited (Aurora), in its capacity as the responsible entity of the Aurora Absolute Return Fund (ABW or Fund), refers to the previous Announcements on this subject that it made on 7, 8 and 14 January 2019.

Further to those Announcements, Aurora informs the market and investors that, Aurora has received a letter from Primary Securities Limited (Primary) informing Aurora that at the purported meeting which Primary held yesterday in Canberra (Purported Meeting), proposed resolutions 1, 2 and 3 in the notice for the Purported Meeting (seeking to remove Aurora as responsible entity, appoint Primary in its place and make changes to the ABW Constitution) were passed. As previously announced, Aurora does not consider that the Purported Meeting was properly called. Accordingly, Aurora considers that the resolutions are invalid and of no effect.

Aurora has written to ASIC, informing ASIC of this position and requesting ASIC not to register the resolutions or the change in responsible entity or Constitution flowing from them.

Aurora’s position is that, as a trustee, it should not spend the Fund’s money establishing the validity or otherwise of resolutions which have been propounded by others. It is Aurora’s position that it is incumbent on Primary, as the proponent of the Purported Meeting, to establish the validity of the Purported Meeting and its business and to this end Aurora has invited Primary to commence appropriate Court proceedings to which Aurora would be a party.

Until the validity of these resolutions is established, Aurora does not propose to abandon the ABW unit holders by relinquishing the position as responsible entity to Primary or those standing behind Primary.

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