Strategic Investment in Molopo Energy Limited

Following the proposed takeover bid announced this morning by Aurora Funds Management Limited (Aurora) for Molopo Energy Limited (Molopo), Molopo announced it had completed a ‘strategic investment’ and requested a suspension of trading in its shares until 31 July 2017 while it finalises its ‘technical announcement’.

Aurora Fortitude Absolute Return Fund and the Aurora Global Income Trust both have investments in Molopo. Molopo has been a ‘cashbox’ for more than 4 years, and since November 2015 has made repeated public statements that it would obtain shareholder approval before making a material investment. Further, under chapter 11 of the ASX Listing Rules, Molopo is required to obtain shareholder approval for any proposed transaction that would result in a significant change to the nature or scale of its activities.

Entering into a ‘strategic’ investment without shareholder approval may trigger a defeating condition under Aurora’s proposed takeover bid, potentially denying Molopo shareholders the opportunity to participate in the significant premium to Molopo’s recent market price afforded by the takeover bid.

Aurora looks forward to Molopo’s ‘technical’ announcement and will carefully consider all of its options if the Board of Molopo proceeds with the investment without shareholder approval.

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