Second Supplementary Bidders Statement from AUP

October 19th, 2017

Aurora Funds Management Limited (ACN 092 626 885) in its capacity as responsible entity of the Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust (ARSN 125 153 648) (“Bidder”) refers to its takeover offers for all of the units in the RNY Property Trust (ARSN 115 585 709) (“Offer”).

  • In accordance with sections 643, 650B and 624(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), the Bidder hereby attaches a copy of its second supplementary bidder’s statement (“Second Supplementary Bidder’s Statement”) enclosing notices confirming:
  • the Bidder has increased the offer consideration to 1.7 cents per RNY unit; and the automatic extension of the offer period by 14 days from 19 October 2017 so that the offer period is now scheduled to close at 7:00pm (Melbourne Time) on Thursday, 2 November 2017 (unless extended or withdrawn).

Unitholders of the RNY Property Trust are encouraged to read the Second Supplementary Bidder’s Statement in its entirety.  The Second Supplementary Bidder’s Statement is dated 19 October 2017 and was lodged with ASIC on that date.

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HHY Offer now closed.

October 16th, 2017


As detailed in the Notice of extension of Offer Period announcement dated 22 September 2017, please be advised that the Offer closed at 7:00pm (Melbourne Time) Friday 13 October 2017.

We will write to HHY Unitholders who accepted the bid with details of the AIB units that will be issued to them in due course.

RNY Notice of automatic extension of offer period

October 11th, 2017

Aurora Funds Management Limited (ACN 092 626 885) in its capacity as responsible entity of the Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust (ARSN 125 153 648) (Bidder) refers to its off-market takeover bid for all of the units in the RNY Property Trust (RNY) (ARSN 115 585 709) (Offer).

In accordance with section 624(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act), the Bidder hereby gives notice that as a result of an increase in its voting power in RNY to more than 50% on 10 October 2017, the offer period has been automatically extended by 14 days from that date.

Accordingly, the Offers will now remain open for acceptance until 7:00 pm (Melbourne time) on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 (unless otherwise extended or withdrawn).

On 15 September 2017, the Bidder announced an increase to the Offer Consideration conditional on certain events including that there are no prescribed occurrences. The Bidder is in discussions with the responsible entity of RNY, RNY Australia Management Limited, to ascertain the extent of any prescribed occurrences, if any, and to ensure the conditions of the Improved Offer have been satisfied.

HHY Extension of Offer Period from AIB

September 22nd, 2017

Aurora Funds Management Limited (ACN 092 626 885), as responsible entity of the Aurora Global Income Trust (ARSN 127 692 406) (“Bidder”), hereby gives notice that the offers under its off-market takeover bid for all of the ordinary Units in the HHY Fund (ARSN 112 579 129) (“HHY”) (“Offers”), pursuant to its Bidder’s Statement dated 18 November 2016 and First Supplementary Bidder’s Statement dated 19 January 2017 (“Bidder’s Statements”), is varied by extending the period during which the Offer will remain open so that the Offer will now close at 7:00pm (Melbourne time) on Friday, 13 October 2017 (unless otherwise extended or withdrawn in accordance with the requirements of the Corporations Act) (“Extension of the Offer Period”).

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Conditional Increase in Offer Price: RNY

September 18th, 2017

Aurora Funds Management Limited (Aurora), as responsible entity of the Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust (AUP), announces that it proposes, if certain conditions (as set out below) are satisfied, to vary its takeover offer for units in RNY (Offer) by increasing the consideration offered from 1.5 cents (Initial Offer) to 1.7 cents per RNY Unit (Improved Offer).

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Revised Takeover Bid Molopo Energy Limited

September 12th, 2017

Aurora Funds Management Limited (Aurora) has withdrawn the takeover bid for Molopo Energy Limited (Molopo) that it proposed to make on behalf of AFARF because Molopo triggered a proposed defeating condition.

Aurora as responsible entity of AFARF intends to make a new revised takeover bid for 100% of the ordinary shares in Molopo at $0.135 each.

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Appeal of Takeovers Panel Orders

September 11th, 2017

On 10 July 2017 Aurora Funds Management Limited (Aurora) as responsible entity for AFARF and AIB made an announcement in relation to the Orders made by the Australian Government Takeovers Panel (Takeovers Panel). Reasons for the orders were subsequently provided by the Takeovers Panel on 22 August 2017 (Reasons). Aurora has carefully considered the Reasons for the orders, and on 8 September 2017 Aurora applied to the Federal Court for a judicial review of the Takeovers Panel decision.

Aurora has consistently denied that it has acted in concert with Keybridge Capital Limited, or anyone else, in relation to the affairs of Molopo.

ABW is solely invested in AFARF so is also impacted by this application.

Off Market Takeover Bid for RNY Property Trust

August 29th, 2017

In accordance with section 633(1) item 5 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act), we enclose for lodgement a copy of the Bidder’s Statement dated 28 August 2017 in relation to the off-market takeover bid by Aurora Funds Management Limited (ACN 092 626 885), as responsible entity of the Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust (ARSN 125 153 648) (Bidder), for all of the ordinary units in the RNY Property Trust (ARSN 115 585 709) (Target).

A copy of the Bidder’s Statement was lodged with ASIC and given to the Target today.

For the purposes of sections 633(2) and 633(4) of the Corporations Act, the Bidder has set 7:00pm (Melbourne time) on Monday, 4 September 2017 as the register date.

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Appointment of Compliance Committee Member

August 28th, 2017

Aurora Funds Management Limited (Aurora) is pleased to announce the Board has appointed Mr John Taylor as an external member of the Responsible Entity’s Compliance Committee to replace Mr Jim Hallam who has resigned. John’s appointment will take effect immediately.

John is a practitioner with over 25 years’ experience in the finance industry, working with clients on strategic issues relating to risk management, compliance, corporate governance, legislative change, formation research, stakeholder relationships and ethics. Sectors he has been involved in include managed funds, listed trusts, superannuation, trustee companies and building societies.

John is currently an Executive Director of Lexington Consulting Group, a specialist consulting group that provides advice on legislative change, risk management, compliance, capital raisings and establishment of new ventures. John is also the originator and co-convenor of the Independent Compliance Committee Forum and Chairman of the Cremorne Capital Limited Compliance Committee, a position he has held for more than 10 years.

Formerly, John was the Executive Director of Intertextual Pty Ltd, which developed risk and compliance management software program currently being used by many of Australia’s major superannuation funds, the Managing Director of Colonial Mutual Fund Ltd and General Manager of the Permanent Trustee Company Limited.

Letter to RNY Shareholders

August 4th, 2017

We understand that you are a fellow unitholder of the RNY Property Trust (RNY). Aurora Funds Management Limited (Aurora) currently holds 19.9% of the units of the RNY Property Trust (RNY) and has requisitioned a meeting of the unitholders of RNY to consider a change in its responsible entity from RNY Australia Management Limited (RAML) to Aurora.

We thought it as important that we communicate with you as a fellow unitholder in relation to why Aurora took this step. Aurora has previous tried to engage constructively with RNY about Aurora’s concerns, including by putting forward a potential recapitalisation proposal aimed at delivering unit holder value. As those attempts were unsuccessful, Aurora carefully considered all its options to enhance and protect the value of its investment in RNY, and concluded that the best way to achieve this is to change the management of RNY.

We believe changing the management of RNY is in the best interests of investors for these reasons:
 RAML has overseen a 97% – 99% reduction in unit holder value since listing, with RAML recently estimating the net asset value of a unit in RNY at 1-3 cents, compared to its initial listing price of $1.00.

 RAML appears to intend to exit RNY’s residual properties in an accelerated manner, reducing the potential returns for RNY’s unit holders. Aurora is of the view that implementing a ‘hold strategy’ for the properties and deferring any sale process would result in superior returns.

 While market fundamentals in the Westchester and Long Island property markets (the location of RNY’s key residual properties) have experienced challenging conditions, recent independent research on each of these regions identifies that market fundamentals are now improving or stabilised as former excess supply has been absorbed.

 RAML and related entities (which provide services to the RNY property portfolio, such as property management and leasing) appear to have charged $84.7m* in direct and indirect fees to RNY over the last 12 years. Aurora is of the view that appointing tenancy and asset managers that are unrelated to the responsible entity of RNY would likely result in improved tenancy results as well as lower costs for unit holders. Aurora is also of the view that there is opportunity to reduce RNY’s ongoing overhead costs.

 Aurora has been in discussions with US based financiers that have provided indications they would support a refinancing of the key properties on conditions more favourable than current. RAML previously rejected a proposal by Aurora to recapitalise RNY to allow it to retain these properties.

Aurora notes that entities related to RAML have entered into ‘poison pill’ arrangements that could be exercised if RAML is removed as responsible entity and, if exercised, could trigger a liquidation of RNY’s properties that would be expected to further impact unit holder returns. RAML should let unit holders know immediately of its intentions in this regard, and how RAML managed the potential for conflict of interest when these arrangements were put in place and how it intends to avoid its obvious self-interest if these arrangements are enlivened. Aurora also notes that it is possible that the meeting requisition may encourage RAML to provide an alternate proposal to generate value for RNY unit holders, and Aurora remains open to considering such a proposal. Aurora has also established a website ( where unit holders can subscribe to an email list and receive ongoing updates to ensure they are fully informed in relation to what is being proposed.

RAML is required to convene the meeting and despatch notice of the meeting together with a proxy from for unit holders to consider. A copy of the statement prepared by Aurora that will accompany the notice of meeting is available on the website.

We believe it is important that RAML is held to account for the performance of RNY as well provide the best opportunity for RNY unitholders to maximise the value of their investment. We accordingly encourage all unitholders to participate in the upcoming meeting.

RNY unit holders can contact me directly with any questions in relation to this proposal on +61 411 241 272 or

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